Plantwear’s Fantastic Wooden Sunglasses

Plantwear have a selection of wooden sunglasses and watches, these are handmade and have been made of FSC approved woods. All of their pieces are made in their own workshops, this means they complete tests on each piece to ensure they are of a high quality and meet certain standards. They offer six original designed series of sunglasses; these are fresh, cool, lans, retro, sport and classic.  In each range the lenses are available in different colours such as grey and blue REVO; they are also available in a selection of woods such as mahogany and rosewood.

Not all of them have the same lens and wood options available. In the retro series the lenses are available in grey, brown, and blue and orange. The woods available in this range include rosewood, mahogany, maple, oak and wenge. The sunglasses have double springs and float in water so you don’t have to worry as much about losing them in the pool or at the beach. The wood is solid and sun resistant; the wood is covered with a natural wax for protection and prevention of scratches. They have polarised+ UV400 protected lenses. Every pair of the sunglasses come with a carrying bag and wooden box, to keep them safe when they aren’t being worn and so they have less chance of being damaged.


The Lans series come in mahogany, maple, oak, rosewood and wegne. The different lens colours available for these sunglasses are grey, blue, brown and orange. They are made from solid wood frames and arms as well as polarised TAC lenses. They are covered with a natural wax to protect wood and prevent scratches. Then there’s the cool series which also offers frames available in mahogany, maple, rosewood, wegne and oak. They also come with the same lens colour options which are grey, brown, blue and orange. These sunglasses have double spring hinges to help with their durability. The sport, fresh and classic series also offer the same or similar wood options, lens options and features.