Amazon Brand Store Design

A Few Helpful Amazon Brand Store Design Tips For You

Amazon has a tradition of introducing new products, and it has now introduced a specialized store for brands. Do not confuse it with the store or their other services. This allows brands to sell directly within Amazon. You will find this option in the Amazon Seller Central top menu.


This option allows you to create the personalized store of your products in case your brand is registered through the brand registry. Keep in mind that it’s different from a collection of your branded products. This option allows you to create a completely branded store wherein you can include videos, custom images, direct links, and a variety of other things. Simply put, you can now have your web store directly on Amazon.

There are several advantages of building your own Amazon brand store. First and foremost, it’s completely free, and your store will also appear in the search results. It also allows you far better control over the presentation of your products, and you get a lot more flexibility to tell the brand story in your store. However, you still need to put in efforts to create your unique looking store. Here are the few tips to help you get the Amazon brand store design right:


Amazon Brand Store Design Tips


Choose the Layout Carefully


You have the option of choosing among a variety of layouts. You can add these to a page, and these are called tiles. It can be full width, or you can also do it section by section.


When you’re adding tiles to your page, you will get an indication of the size. But on actual preview, you might not get the design you thought you were creating. Therefore, you need to check the desktop preview before you start creating your pages. It is recommended to use multiple sections per tile.


Brand Story


It is a brand store, which means you should use it to tell the story about your brand. You should carefully choose the images, text, and videos in your store to bring out the story behind your brand. You need to use the space cautiously to make your brand stand out. It’s not just about the products you sell, but it’s about the brand.


Multipage Website


You can create multiple pages within the Amazon storefront. You have complete control over these pages, and these pages are part of the navigation menu at the top. However, many sellers are not aware that the tiles in the pages can also be linked to other pages. In short, you can create your multipage website on Amazon by linking tiles to other pages.


Just link the tile to a page as you would do for linking to a particular product. However, you need to use the exact title of the page. This is an opportunity for you to help visitors discover more products offered by you.


Check on Desktop and Mobile


All the changes in the Amazon storefront are reviewed by Amazon. In many cases, this approval can take up to 72 hours. Keep in mind that your storefront can get rejected by the reviewers for even small mistakes such as spelling errors, too little text size, and various other such things.


In many cases, sellers get their store rejected for incomplete sentences. This is majorly due to the design being done on the desktop, and while it looks great on desktop but sometimes, part of the text is cut off when you view the mobile version. It can happen even when you are within the limit on the desktop. Therefore, you need to carefully check the mobile version along with the desktop version to make sure that your storefront complies with the guidelines for desktop and mobile view.




There is no denying the fact that Amazon has become an e-commerce behemoth. It offers you an opportunity to create your own successful business by selling your branded products on its website. So, keep the above-mentioned Amazon brand store design tips in mind while creating your branded store and grow your business.